• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Monsters on the Landscape

In parts I’m metal
clipped, soldered, jointed –
there are bolts on my shoulders
hips, ankles.

Look into my eyes
I am the birth-right, have the necessary
impulse, and, fashion sense...
anticipate fabulous hair
drifting in the wind.

Of course skin
is for your eyes only –
I care not about softness
only motion, vision and knowledge
which may include appreciation
of music.

History is my father;
hard facts are printed
on my retina – I see through them
to discover you and me.

I come. I come bearing
myself into the world like a new mother
bubbling celebration, inviting
compliments and gifts.

Bear with me.
I may blunder around
but my heart’s
in the right place.