• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05

Monologue (inspired by Emily Dickinson)

Tiny wings.
Can you hear them?
I am at your open window.
Blue throated, silvered.
Glittering cobweb draped around feathered shoulders.
Bright eyed and burning with desire.
I search for nectar.
Dawn still sleeps.
The fairies have danced their way to silken hammocks. T
rails of mist hover above the damp, green lawn.
I have escaped.
Fled from my sisters and broken rank.
Flown at the speed of a million heartbeats to find you.
Drink from your tubular frame.
In Aztec onomatopoeia, hear my call.
A frequency so divine, only the ears of a higher consciousness could possibly decipher this harmony.
A potent psalm.
Lulling listener into sticky bliss.


Monologue (inspired by Emily Dickinson)

It is during night I am able to fly.
Higher than I ever believed was possible.
When dusk has bruised and darkened sky to a damson hue.
My wings unfold.  
Soul caught in a spring tide zephyr.
I am free.
Released from the bondage of day and transported.
Into garden, heavy with scent.
I sense you.
Smell your gift.
Weight of petals heavy with dew.
I am seduced.
Into the very heart of your mythical splendour.
Sucked into sticky dusted cave.
It is there we lie.
Bird and flower – curled.
I am at peace.
Held in your embrace.
Exchange complete.