• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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Monocoque reuptake inhibitor

Here is your new Formula 1 track she klaxoned,
the longest in the known universe – you did well
in pole, but now the real test begins, once I flash
the red, green and blue cones at you,

and you hare off round my synapse hairpins,
neurotic chicanes and an amygdala curve
that would make you serene if you were
slow enough to stop and marvel at it.

Of course you can’t and won’t, flame-retardant
data daredevil of mine, and though I wish
you were the mystical chaser racer of yore,
I’ll happily fall into being the pit girl stereotype –

if you come back, clutch intact, with a bottle
of champagne overflowing with the truth of me.