• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Mixtape ’96

You took Willie Colon from me.
You took Lauryn Hill from me.
You took El Gran Varon from me.
You took Peace of Mind from me.

You took the silly smile of reminiscing,
the excitement of something brand new
the youthfulness of sin...
You took it all.

you take street signs
with your name plastered across them
from me.

You took the moment,
I remember so dear, your smile and your freckles
as you rapped "all Philly hoes" over Biggie
as we rode on the freeway, away from me.

You could have taken Philly from me...
You took away the mediocrity, the monotony
left me with alchemy.
And now I'm not feeling like me…

But this too shall pass.