• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Mixed Tape

Side A

Mamá sings her favorite bolero as she sweeps the living room
every swish of the broom in sync with the drum beats        she
places her hands on the stick and swirls       the tape reeling over
and over        there are no carpets here        no secrets to
be swept under and yet as I ask her about her loves mamá sings
o me over and over        me importas tu y tú y tú y solamente tú


Side B

Papa comes home after work       another patient gone            mamá
serves the table        her voice a murmur now       the bolero tape
replaced by an angry Mozart        violins       and oboes grating on my
tongue       undoing my questions before they form       papa’s voice
drowns the instruments       a bass out of tune with the symphony       I
drum my fingers on my legs       …. tu y tú y tú y solamente tú