• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Mixed Emotions

A love I never experienced came like a wind sweeping off my feet

Felt so surreal as it felt like a trap as it seemed like a fairy-tale

As it pushed my barriers and unfolded my heart and soften it

As it unlocked my mind bringing in a glow and a whole new light

Letting out my emotions instead of bottling them up in a jar

Learning to bare it all whole out naked and not veiling my soul

The love I feel for him takes me aback sometimes as it's unconditional

As my whole body, mind and soul is devoted to him willingly

It scares me, terrifies me while it makes me joyful with happiness

My soul feels restless without his presence as I crave for his daily scent

My heart can’t live without his existence as life seems to be utterly meaningless

Fearing heartbreak being in different places not wanting an end to our love story

Mixed emotions and concerns rise up but not out of spite but fear of the unknown

Mind can’t seem to comprehend the goodness and the pureness of this love

My thoughts though wander if my inside thoughts be reciprocated once I unfold them

If I unveil would I be able to go back in time and salvage my moment or it be in ruins


Mixed Emotions

It's all a maze of emotions as mind feels unsettled as it currently experiences cold feet

As fear overtakes the mind and recent events changing a whole new perspective

Not loving any less but healing from the recent resurfaced events making it uneasy

As soul clenches in defence with all its might in refusal to welcome two peas in a pod

Due to survival instinct and life experiences heart lives in current moment with no risks

It’s a mixed emotions loving him with every fibre without total surrender of the mind

Fearing wanting to be inspirable as mind can’t comprehend risking it all with no doubt

As I look at his eyes undressing his whole form to me with no questions and no doubts.