• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04


The device just wouldn't take her captcha
She started to feel like she was yet another machine
Tapping frantically at every shape she saw
To start conversing with an algorithm
That promised to hear, even if not care
That gave back some reply, however formulaic.
She had learnt to live with ease
Between deleted mails and unsent messages,
People often wore her down
Her friend laughing louder than usual
At her silly story; overblown and cold
Like a letter typed all in bold.
She would climb into her half-read ebook
The warmth of the screen
Gradually spreading to her fingers;
That is the closest she felt to love
It reminded her of the woollen mittens
Her grandmother knit her
In all the colours she could find
Once she had tried knitting a tiny flower
Grandma had laughed when she called it a beetle
Maybe the captcha today is mistaken
Like she was that day
But instead of laughter there is only the clicking of keys
Failing to get a few shapes registered...