• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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Mist Carriage of Thanatos

Dust hazes the sky
Awaiting spring cleaning.
But it's not spring for a while,
And there's no spring in me.

You see, you took it with you
As you slipped away,
Too brittle, too broken
To stay with me.

Some say I spat you out:
Unwanted they claim.
But that's untrue, I say (again)
You forever held my heart.

In a dream I saw
The mist carrying you away.
At the helm was Thanatos.
So I knew. And I waited.

You left me that morning,
Left me mourning your loss,
Like the lone wolf, wandering,
Wondering would I see you again.


Mist Carriage of Thanatos

You know, I met a wolf -
Face to face as they say,
She, a she-wolf, so still,
Mother-child, a version of me.

She knew I'd think of her,
As I think of her now,
In the days of your leaving,
There's the she-wolf, weeping.