• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Missive from the past, a message to our future

Pulsating in the thin-skinned rays of the light
throbbing in the ecstasy of emotions:
He appears out of the thin year
birthing endless curiosities for many of us

Those who wonder about this 100-foot-tall boy
emerging out of thin air among us
claiming himself to be the messenger of peace, handing away the pamphlets
Of how to live this life of curiosities built on the succession of desire

How to curb the endless surreal desires of this mind?
And live amicably like the mind of a child, like the innocence of a dewdrop
resting carelessly on the thin blessed of the tall grass,
Unperturbed, Untrammeled

Laced and intoxicated by the beauty and the curiosities this life has to offer
Like an endless intoxicating beauty of a poem that often eludes our bleary eyes
The eyes that carry the dreams as a wound of our memories,
deeply seeded in the long-lost crevices of our minds

He hands over the letters, those missives, written to us from the travelers of the past,
from the hopefuls of the future to let go of our doubts and ignorance

Living like a hamster in this city pockmarked with the existence of shiny skyscrapers
piercing the heart of the skies with their pointed spires
bleeding with the broken and loft desires


Missive from the past, a message to our future

Nothing and nothing reaches the end of time, he says
your wishes scatter like ashes by the end of the day
so hold on to those you love, desire, and often dream of

As dreams are the tourniquet that holds us together in our frail existence
He says this with a wistful smile and as he handout another pamphlet to the passerby

Who yet again ignores his existence and doubts the validity of his time travel
But the boy clearly sees pulverized dreams of all our existence

Covering this city in a dark soot, the dreams dying in the back of our eyelids
as the lights from the stars travel thousands of miles only to meet this baneful existence

He says, “Our actions are the seeds of the future, choose carefully” again, with the hope of handing out the last of his pamphlets.