• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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Missed Connection

Clearly a clash of worlds, based on outward appearances. Her; young, defiant, basically clueless.
Him; arrogant, snobbish, and a real twit.
He looks at her and thinks ‘classless whore’ and she of him ‘righteous old man’.
But something drew them together at this place, in this time. Something that stirred him enough that he owns a shop dealing in oddities, where surely he must meet a lot of people similar to this young woman. And what is she looking for? Something that only a person with money and a certain quirky personality would have available for people like her. This place, this confused shop of alterations, old propaganda stockpiles, and curiosities collections, this back alley store, brought them together.
So why are they both so dismissive of the other?
Could it be he misses his own youth and wild days? Or that she reminds him of someone from his past he would rather forget? Does her youth and energy scare him?
Does he represent something she doesn’t want to be – settled, boring – but knows she will eventually become? Or is she thinking he only wants or expects two things from her – her body or her money. Maybe he looks like the father she hasn’t spoken to in two years.
“How much is this?” she asks.
“Oh, that is an interesting piece. I picked it up in Cairo and paid dearly for it.”
‘Yea, well how much you want now?’
Silence as he eyes her, thinking. Names his price.
Shrugging. “Yea, well forget that.”
He turns away. “Apparently I am unable to help you, miss. Good day”
“Whatever.” And rolls her eyes.
No shared connection found today.