• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 05
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"If you live your life with no regrets, there is nothing worth forgetting. Shadows add depth. Light draws the eye away."

She would not let trauma play pick and mix with her memories. She would not give them the satisfaction of running their own disembodied time. The pleasure of detaching/ Detaching/

Outside of her control. She vowed not to become jetlagged. The time difference between now and then, The burden of a time traveller With only the present to call home.

She was balanced/ /Or so she said/ /Her feet perched on the edge of the empty concrete pool/

"The poet picks and chooses, like trauma, a lens for consumption. Am I fighting poetry?"

She lets the images wash over her.

The mise-en-scene of the motel refuses to budge from her mind; this arrangement of things unfulfilled, still broken. Climbing from the wreckage, she stands out from them like negative space.

"In this window of time, I am complete."