• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 10

Mirror In The Bathroom

MIRROR IN THE BATHROOM. No, not that track released by The Beat in 1980; the one I'm referring to exists in my parents' house. There's something about that looking glass. I can't quite describe how exactly it unnerves me - probably because I've seen things reflected in it, things my parents haven't seen; and if they have witnessed something untoward, they haven't mentioned anything.

So, what things am I talking about? A door moving unassisted; faces of people who don't reside with us. Nothing disturbing about the faces - they aren't disfigured or distorted - they are pale, ghostlike, evidently belonging to a different time and for some reason, I'm the only person who sees them.

But none of this would make sense to you - you haven't seen this bathroom. Well, it's a modern affair, just like the rest of the house. Yes, I did say modern; modern, new, up to date. Ghosts and restless spirits are not exclusive to Victorian mansions and graveyards, they are known to haunt new properties. Now, back to the bathroom. Nothing special; toilet, shower and hand basin; and the mirror. The mirror is located high up and I can just about use it if I stand on tip-toe. My first paranormal experience involved a moving door. Brushing my teeth one morning, I saw - in the mirror - the bathroom door moving behind me; but when I turned around I saw it was stationary. Assuming it was a trick of the light or an overactive imagination I put it to the back of my mind. A few weeks later, I had to concede that wasn't the case. Combing my hair one evening, I saw the face of a woman in the mirror; she seemed to be standing behind me; but when I turned around nobody was there; however, she was still visible in the mirror. And hers wasn't an isolated case. A few days went by and another face appeared, a man of about twenty.


Mirror In The Bathroom

After that came a young girl, a child, an older man; each time I would whip around to find no-one there - they only ever appeared in that looking glass. The thing is supernatural, it possesses the ability to show me dead people. I know I should tell my parents, but I fear they won't believe me and if I'm honest, I want to see if the visions continue and for how long.

THE MIRROR IN THE BATHROOM. It still freaks me out and I get a chill up my spine whenever I see a "visitor", but I've had to accept they are a part of the house and my parents have no intention of moving, so I guess I'm stuck with them.