• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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I’m almost there
dragging my feet
pushing myself to the limit
almost running out of breath
breathless and panting

I’m almost there
I can see the finish line
my heart beating still
pulling myself with all my strength
and still not losing the grin

I’m almost there
pushing my boundaries
and testing my limits
saying a prayer under my breath
and I’m still kicking

I’m almost there
I have surpassed all the pain and hunger
nothing can break my resolve anymore
Nobody can put a stop to it
when I’m on a roll

I am almost there
as I can see the hint of the light
still twinkling and still fading at times
Hoping to make it
and hoping to reach on time



I’m almost there
I’m almost at the finish line
not knowing that
the mirage always has a way to shine.