• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Mint In Box

That Wookie is awfully pleased about something. Look
at its cheesy grin  There  appears to be some sort
of competition going on here, like     Which Movie Franchise Is The Best              Here’s a fun fact to consider     

                                              which franchise launched
the most forever-plastic toys into the landfills of the Earth   
The point of the toys anyway was to keep them   Mint In Box   
and not ruin them with         imagination  

Chewbacca was played by   Peter William Mayhew   wrapped
in a shaggy rug made from yak and rabbit fur     and Chewbacca’s voice was a recorded mix of
                             badger, lion, bear and walrus noise

ET had an animatronic head    (  Beeeeee     Gooooooood  )
and the names of the people who brought its body to life were
                                 Tamara De Treaux     
                                 Michael Patrick Bilon                  
                                 Matthew DeMeritt         Caprice Rothe

was ET’s hands   Pat Welsh’s voice was mixed with the sound
of other animals, breathing     
Being CGI, the green, three-eyed alien had no human being inside        It was not allowed to be different        Its life appeared to depend on the whim of a mystical claw   It craved


Mint In Box

Did you notice how all three stories hold ideas of outer space
as if there must be something better       out there, beyond
As if the world we got would never be enough