• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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Mind’s Eye

As is known
Mind is mighty
It breaths a scent
Wears attires many-hued
Runs its own world
Imagines in layers
At the same time
With a symphony
Weirdly sweet
If not for this divine provision
Dense would be forests of unknown
Fantasy is its main power
Fantasy that is real
Reality is its dialectic
It defines for itself
Each ideal and each belief
So the beautiful chaos
Multiplies into billions
Like mad artists
Running on a huge canvas
With dripping brushes


Mind’s Eye

Proportions are defined
Without a reference
Eyes to rise
Above all frames
Into spaceless nothingness
Beyond rules of forms
Even and odd
Whims and desires
Seeing what is not imagined
Removing all distortions
Living in allotted time and space
Reaching through eyes beyond
With no real time thing
No silicon aided outreach
For High fidelity
Reaching out only
With high consciousness

Beneath the surface and above the canopy
There exists a whole lot of universe
Without defining surface or canopy
Horizon stretches more
Merging with that diminishing end
The illusion of limit becomes blurred
Unseen unknown invisible
Gets closer


Mind’s Eye

Fine and onerous handiwork
Enjoyable association
With threads and needle
Creating joy
Selling time
Buying joy
Making something
To add to beauty
Of creative energy
That never dies
Just moves from one form
To another and remain
Until it changes
Either to give joy to one and many
Or to give pain and spell agony
To one and many

All seen by mind first
Lived by mind through millions of years
In a fraction of moment
Without becoming reality
Mind's Eye
Keep it sane