• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05


my eyes effervescent on the lips of the restroom mirror
pale blisters, beet crumbs, specks of feather-picked flesh
the mirror's center is a tapetum silhouette
night befalls it like the insides of my mouth
light-kissed water bullets on the mirror
soften like chickpeas,
my eyes float like a shredding cobweb in time
darkness osculates pallor
a gecko's womb pukes eggs as corn kernels
my eyes twist time into a portal
leading to the Oliver-Twist streets
the pores of hair on my arms sharpen
into a warm tremor of twigs
like the dismembered soul of peace
is the stampede on an old man's fruit cart
the streets of my land are musical notes
written in vignettes of nacreous clouds
like a dog's canines, my eyes sharpen dandruff-white
the siege of this montage composes its limbs
like a taxidermized lobster –
its glossy surface shrinking like a dying star,
its flesh resolute like the night sky,
its warm aroma like a massaging kiss
and the vanity mirror lights
hum like airplane snores,
in this mirror
I see the hollow pits of stillness
in my eyes



like silent streets in a city of phantasmagoria
half-nestled in midnight hallucinations.