• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 10


I am not looking. I do the job so well now. I could peek, lift the voile away from the window, turn my head to the right and see the docklands. What would be the point though? My handiwork will not be discovered yet. I wonder if this one will be it. Will the similarities start to nag at them?
I’m going to change the bathroom cleaner and shower gel I use tomorrow. The scent of lemon is beginning to get on my nerves. Will they have identified the perfume yet? Chanel No. 5 so classic I could hug myself. Only one more in this series the tooth mug is almost full of brushes. Fresh breath is important for a body even when it no longer inhales or exhales.
It annoys me when they take so long at identifying me. Well, me the killer, not me name and address. I am not an amateur even though I work without pay. I’ve done course after course on landscape gardening, window dressing, lifting and moving, butchery and all the creative writing workshops at the library. I might do photography next.
She is the eighteenth blond under 25 and engaged to a man called Bob. I did thirty-one Steve’s with brown hair. I fancy swimmers next. Dress them up in Victorian bathing suits. In my dreams, that would be far too easy for the police and tabloids. I want something less laborious than tattooing roses the next batch. Better re-grout the tiles this weekend. Blood and gore, iron and fat are so messy.