• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12


Away from you I am a porcupine
guarding your warmth from the thieving air

withdrawing my quills only when in the sun
Your signature kiss is half of a species

trying to make a whole

Half of you dividing a whole of me

From your black windows
 I am the village
my roads take you 
to a city of desire

From my mist-lipped glass
, you are the truck

brightly coloured with animal motifs

taking me away from the gray suits 
into the golden hay

crash, the glass resists
. We break it and call it love making

The shards embedded in my skin 
are narcissist singers
"Sin against living, 
sand the sojourn through the human shell"

Bloody lips cling to asphyxia. We are the sphinx couple
The desert landscapes on, over us, in us and despite us