• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Metal Boxes

Once upon a time there were
shiny metal boxes in yellow, blue and gray
held up by wheels, burning rubber
traveling at amazing speeds.

Kings and Queens of the road, individual
churches of worship, legs no longer needed.
We were cushioned, air conditioned against
the heat and dust of the road.

Horns to press and blare in traffic jams
in cities or just because it was there.
Puffed up angry drivers wanting space
they claimed was definitely theirs.

The smog’s – were they carbon emissions?
we ignored, hung on with desperation
until the children stood on terra firma
holding hands across the world.

‘Damage this planet no further
we will use our legs our bikes and our scooters
This is a person made disaster and we want
a life before the great hereafter’

Time passed and we made the changes
we made monuments to the past.
Some will mourn till their very last breath
But we know now earth has a future.