• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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Meta Madness

A fizzy focus, sweet effervescence, rolling off the tip of my tongue,
Melts away in that meta madness, the dreams of what could or what would be
Untamed, fluid, arms stretched out,
A lifelong marriage of indulgence.

These molecular bonds for securing,
Binding to my eyes like a bandage
Swaddling me in its ring of softly sweat cotton
Comfort and Terror are bedfellows that court me
Leading me across
But I can see through this aperture.
The city feeds me with
Mixed arias of litter streams and twitter feeds
Fueling and being fueled
Across this checkerboard
Of beautiful entropy
All soothed by this
Of concepts, phrases, faces
Harmoniously orchestrated in
Oblique Obscurity,
Lulled into a deep sleep of
Meta madness.