• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

Mermaid in Flight

Push against a current
that does not want you.
One last wiggle.
Dive to the depths of Loch Maree,
flick your scaly tail beyond the dark
to a bed as old as the Ice Age.
Inhale salt blown in from the sea.

Be blue, green, turquoise,
riff coral reef pink through your hair.
Chameleon to your core.
Sing soprano songs learned
before you were born
when fisher folk worshipped the idea of you
as they fed on trout and salmon.

Wish human life gone,
him too, you must relinquish,
led to death by your foretelling.
Seek pearls, new friends,
the otter and the diver.
Rest on the Isle at midnight,
make spells in its hermitage.