• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01


I got here first. I can hear the cat purring. It purrs because it's not hungry anymore. They feed him cream and, sometimes, some of the fish left over. I can't see it but I know it must have already licked its paws in gentle contentment. It will eventually curl up in a secluded sunny spot and fall asleep to the distant sound of our voices. By the time we have all sat quietly and ready for reading, it will be in the midst of some dream where it chases a wild bird. In the dream the bird might elude the cat, but the cat will be delighted by the thrill of the chase. It will then stretch its back and paws as it wakes up, turn on its front and sit up. For a fleeting moment the cat might look up towards the warm light that comforted him in his sleep; it does not know anything about the Sun.

I got here first. I can hear the other children rushing through the dining room door towards their seats. I am very hungry. The nurse places her kind hand on my back.