• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 07
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Merchandise 7X

"OK — I think we have it." A blurry picture fizzed into the air; an image torn from the mind of an ancient relic. The Boss moved closer to look. "Can you focus it?" The assistant nodded eagerly. The humanoid in the chair groaned, her eyes rolling upwards. "Clean her up-we might need her again," the Boss barked. Several cleaning machines set to work with lasers; the humanoid arched her back in pain. Grinning wildly, the assistant focused the picture into sharpness. "Zoom in, right hand corner." The Boss peered closer. "I think that says cinnamon, would you agree?" The assistant craned its neck before nodding. "Swing to the left, down a bit — what's that?"

"I think that says allspice, Sir." The Boss grabbed the assistant's metal shoulders and shook it with glee. "Yes! We have it! The missing spice! Merchandise 7X. At last!" Looking over at the exhausted humanoid, he sneered. "We don't need her any more. Disposals — to work. Now we have the secret, after 2,000 years we can recreate what was lost!" The assistant punched the air. "Calm down. We have work to do," the Boss said calmly. "Coca-cola will once again be the nectar of Zirus 4 — the people will crave the dark juice of the Ancients and I will be rich, rich, rich!" Moving forward, the assistant added bravely: "You will be as a God, Sir."