• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 12


The incongruous culmination
the fragmented thoughts;
broken and ripped apart
frayed at the seams,
a mishmash of provocative
ideas woven together

This enjabment
which blurs the formal definition of a body
this entanglement:
trying to create a meaningful picture
out of this chaos
a feverish attempt to extract the essence
out of our severed limbs

Trying to sort out this mayhem
this dissonance:
which covers and devours us every day
we are continually trying to untangle this
around us
by every passing minute;
by every fleeting second,
Man and his struggle for existence
trying to solve this riddle
putting sense into the self

This matrix of corrugated desires
this collusion of surreal
dreams and desiresv wants and needs



We all are
a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled
a menagerie;
a naked desire,
uncontrolled and unfettered
waiting to be touched.
waiting to be healed.