• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 11


Standing here with my face toward the sea
I feel those childhood memories come flooding into me
of long walks crossing sand and seaweed slime-
-impatient brothers claiming parental time.
Pa with his trousers rolled up to his knees
carrying the provisions of fruit cake, bread and cheese.

Ma's costume was a knitted one
she loved to swim, she loved the sun.
The men in the boats would cheer her on
Pa never minded, just harmless fun.
Our little hut was striped in shades of green
(secretly, I called it Seashore Queen).
Ma and Pa would open both doors wide
as we climbed the wooden steps to root inside.
The warming sun peered in every crack
these tiny recollections are taking me back
to simple pleasures, simple food and cricket on the sand.
Far- off strains of a marching brass band.
when we tired of games and sand and sea
Ma called her troops, all hungry for their tea
and served sandwiches and fizzy lemonade
Pa gulped his tea and munched cake she had made
my brothers grabbed their cricket stuff
and ran 'til they were out of puff!
across the sand and seaweed slime
Pa laughed and said 'there will be another time
when you visit sea and shore. You will hold these days for evermore'