• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 03
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—female spirit of fresh water

You expect so much from me, sitting there on my knee.
I think too much of you lot and all of your wants 
and needs and try to prioritize all these things. 
There's no space to think a thought for myself about myself, by myself.
You swore to never to look in at me. When you need answers, 
you splash in and stake your eyes on me expectantly, waiting for me to decide 
for you what you will do. If I suggest something you disagree with, you splash me 
in the face and tell me, "Think again!" When I don't answer you immediately, 
you pout and give me both of your clammy cold shoulders yet will not leave.
Your mood humidifies the air. 
You think I'm drowning in the lake of our home and still you flood me.
I'm able to swim by myself in this holy well unaided. 
All I need is the space to move my arms and legs in peace.
You made an oath to give me my privacy. Each time you break it,
part of me washes away from you.