• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 02
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Sat cross-legged playing Sega Genesis
Home from school many nights with Dr. Robotnik as my Nemesis
In Boo Boo’s room strictly no girls allowed but I’m still a feminist
I'm just reflecting on a golden childhood
I’m just here to reminisce

Storming the front room in my PJs
watching Fresh Prince and Saved By The Bell
Spilled my Cheerios down the side of the sofa but I won't tell
My brother and I would use our socks as boxing gloves, another black eye, oh well
Sunday nights watching Hocus Pocus, Salem the black cat talks. How do I cast this spell?

As I look back at my youthful days
I remember why I was so afraid
Growing up to be taken away
Withdrawing from creativity
I was betrayed