• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

Meeting At Tartus

You have returned, my sister, from forbidden lands
where you have driven men to hell
with temptations beyond imagining.

You have remained, my sister, in a walled land
where men have driven you to hell
with binding beyond humanity.

You have gifts for me?
Before we part and never speak again.

I have freedom in my pocket.
And a pretty yellow scarf I bought
with my own coin.
It makes it all the sweeter
for it comes from my sweat alone
and it is my labor I give to you
as well as cloth.

I have safety behind my veil.
And a pretty mystery that I was given
by the one who I rely on.
Whose gaze is all the sweeter because
no other sees my charms or my tears.
What need have I of freedom?
But I will take the scarf.

We part forever, my sister.

Which of us, I wonder, has chosen better?