• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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May 8th 2015

Which part of the brain malfunctions,
when faced with a voting slip.
Does it stop rationally and revert to type.

It whispers sibilantly, stay with what you know. Keep to your side of the track and ignore the warning signs.

Step over those people. Send a clear message. Save for your future.

Snip-snip as the pinking shears emerge from their velvet sheath.

Cut-cut as people squeal when forced to live in an even harsher world.

Because you will inherit the earth and the shares in Food Banks. When they are privatised.

We will reward hard-working people and all that clap-trap.

The Disabled. The Disaffected.

We will look after them. Be assured and that is when your brain turns to mush and you start to believe You are finally brain-washed and hung out to dry. And your X was not a kiss after all.