• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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[At the first pregnancy of my Ammi (mother), Abbu (father) named the baby 'Maryam' pre-birth desiring a daughter which unfortunately never happened. However, we begun to have her presence in our conversations and soon the unborn Maryam begun to exist in mysteriously delightful ways; an unseen unborn and unmistakable family member]

Excited father impatiently paced
Up and down hospital corridor
Surely waiting for Maryam's birth
Musa came unheralded unwanted instead
Brief life before the death took him away
He departed leaving no memories
Just a name

Three more babies the mother delivered
All unwanted sons

Maryam chose a subtler entry
Into the world of mortal men
On the fluttering wings of ruthless desire
She silently came into the family
Unborn untouched fluffy presence
My little shapeless faceless sister
A dream of beauty, a sobering Ecstasy
Delighting all in unseen ways