• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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That helmet disconnects you from my plea.
You think that I'll blink first? I'm here to spar.
Though like Macron, I know you can't see me.

I suckled you. I bounced you on one knee.
Why picture me as just an avatar?
That visor disconnects you from my plea.

Will you use that riot gun to stop me?
Turn this march into one more abattoir?
And now, prodigal son, you can't see me?

Listen. I know that nothing comes for free.
I've worked for life! I can't afford a car!
That armor disconnects you from my plea.

You think I'll stand aside? No! Let me be!
I'll walk past you, although I won't go far.
And now, like hired goons, you'll bludgeon me.

Recognize me! Vive la liberté!
I'm older now, dyed roots, wrinkles, and scars.
Your paychecks disconnect you from my plea.
And now, world citizens, you trample me.