• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08

Margaret’s Tuesday Visits

Claude noticed that the same woman
came into the shop every Tuesday
to visit the animals.
She lovingly pet the dogs
on the tops of their heads,
and she gently scratched the cats
under their chins.
The door opened
with a quiet swish,
as Margaret stepped lightly and swiftly
into the fancier’s shop.
She always wore the same lavender scarf.
The animals either recognized her light step,
her scarf, or her floral perfume.
Seconds before Margaret opened the door,
tails wagged with anticipation,
and there was a humming purr
in the room.

Margaret lost her beloved beagle
several years ago.
Although tempted to adopt
another furry companion,
She truly loved all of the animals equally.
Her Tuesday outings gave her a reason
to wear the lavender scarf,
and Claude usually had a cup of tea waiting for her
at precisely 3pm.


Margaret’s Tuesday Visits

Choosing a pet to bring home
would mean that Margaret would miss out
on discussing all of the different dog breeds
(and she would miss tea with Claude).
She would also miss greeting every animal
with a caring hello.
The walk to the pet shop gave meaning to those days.
Meaning and companionship followed her down the street
like steam from a pot of Earl Grey tea.