• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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You see me though my mind is elsewhere.
Here to where, I don’t know.
What do my preying eyes tell you of me?
360 degrees but the depth of what I see is beyond me.
Let me tell you how to see.
Not in suffering ready to break free.
Not a pervasive dark sculpted beauty.
Not just an animal or maybe my body being that of a human-being.
Not consuming whatever sustenance, you think is before me.
Not curiously observing for survival.
You see only what’s before you, not what you should make of me.

What do you see before you?
You see me in waiting, waiting for what,
Waiting to consume the dire straits of our society.
Or, maybe you see me only as a horse.
What about the relation I observe between you and me?

Our ancestral genes, though rearranged, make up only our half-truth.
I may be a beheaded majestic creature whose bodily form was taken, but the body of truth is what lies deeply beneath.
Our ancestral past is hidden, yet we are here, two mammalian kin grazing through blind times.
If we saw each other beyond what we see, what would we be?
We will become fully aware of a oneness that is not rare.
Awaken to what is really meant to be seen.
I may be a Mare or a Black Mystery.