• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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Marcus, The Teddy Bear, and Eli, The Guinea Pig

When Jim and Tom built their machine
It was to see things never before seen
To make the small extra large
Like, the size of a barge
So they could get a closer look
And write their findings in a book

But then something went wrong
When Tom brought his teddy bear along
Marcus was his name
And though no one was to blame
He got zapped and not only grew in size
He also started blinking his eyes

Somehow Marcus had come alive
Immediately ready for a test drive
Of his pure evil mind
Ingenious and one of a kind
He wanted the boys to reverse the machine
To make big things even smaller than a bean

Marcus proposed to give it a try
With Tom's guinea pig Eli
It was reduced to the size of a flee
Almost impossible to see
So the boys took a magnifying glass
After putting Eli on the grass


Marcus, The Teddy Bear, and Eli, The Guinea Pig

Marcus looked on with a smile
Because sure enough, after a while
The glass caught the sun
Burning Eli till he was gone
The boys cried, but Marcus smirked
No more competition, his plan had worked

Now Marcus got all the attention
Oh, and did I mention
His next plan was to get rid of Jim
He didn't like the way he looked at him