• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 11
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Managing Millstones

Tie-dye sunburst fills the sky like
charging watercolor imagination,
creating streaming brushstrokes,
dabbing life’s colorful pallet to
accent character, highlight tears.

Why study me with wide open eyes,
round as waterwheels, marveling at
bucket motion, basking in moisture,
internalizing the energy of a falling brook,
flooding power through tributary veins?

Take me to dine among sunflowers,
grape vines, and mandarin oranges,
relate all your travels and travails like
a wise, repentant, ancient mariner…lighten
the weight of each albatross around my neck.

Eternally merge from encumbrances like a
puritanical genie rising or an illusionist’s aide
reappearing—lacy collar and cuffs, offsetting
blue patent leather gloves—phantom mask
ready: my canvas curiosa…a variegated wash.