• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

the man who fell from the sky

I’m not a collaborator, you say
and you cast me a nervous side glance
I just used my feminine wiles, you add

I nod as if I understand
and watch as you smooth your fingers
across the billowing silk

did you see him, I ask
see who, you reply

I nod towards the parachute
the man, I say
who risked his life

you shake your head
a faraway look in your eyes
already dreaming a new silk shirt

but what happened to him, I persist
you shrug your shoulders
the Germans, you say

I didn’t see him, you suddenly insist
you finger the bruises on your neck
it was just hanging in the trees, you add

I run my fingers across the silk
its smooth, softness
bringing tears to my eyes


the man who fell from the sky

then suddenly you grab my hand
from under the parachute folds
gotcha, you squeal

we giggle loudly, but I can’t stop thinking
about the man who fell from the sky