• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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Make pretty

Make pretty a masculine sport, so
it flutters like a butterfly in the wind.
Put on my face in the mirror, so
I fit in society's mindless grin.
Expectations, perceptions, vile preconceptions –
it all contributes to our judgements, to
your judgement, to
our and your actions.
Make pretty and it becomes girly,
make ugly and it becomes boyish,
make anything in neutrality,
and you'll find an impossibility...
a shark dancing on bare feet, shaking a tambourine.
Brains are wired before we're aware we think.
Make pretty the gloop, the grey and the white,
they matter! before we all need shrinks.
Fuck making pretty, and just make what you need.
Fuck pretty.
And just make.