• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 04
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Make My Day

Waiting here on the shelf
Which of us will she choose ?
I am tall sophisticated and delicate in colour,
In a shiny gold expensive looking case.
My rival is gaudy shocking pink
in my mind cheap and nasty
as he sits in a stubby looking, tacky, silver, metal case.
I am far more superior , in quality and appearance.
If she is in a party mood she will choose him.
If she is sober, and sensible, wanting to create an air of
efficiency, she will choose me.
Looking in the mirror she will apply me carefully
to pouting lips.
My pink glow enhancing, softly appealing,
yet not overpowering.
I can hear her foot on the stair.
Excitement mounting.
We are quivering with anticipation.
Who will be chosen this time?
Pick me! pick me!
Come on make my day.