• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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Magic Moments

Creep up,
Sometimes they arrive concealed in a puff of blue smoke,
And it is hard to see behind the curtain of illusion.
Occasionally, the illumination these defining prestidigitation ‘happenings’ bring,
Light up our lives with lasting delight;
Love may arrive announced,
The promotion you never thought you’d achieve lands in your ‘in-tray’,
That book you’ve wanted for years,
manifests itself on the shelves of a charity shop,
The person, who never wins a competition wins a jackpot,
A baby is born hale and hearty,
A stranger offers you their seat on the bus,
A cheerful smile greets you on a grey day,
A friend listens to you without criticism or making unasked for suggestions,
These memorable moments involve no sleight of hand,
They come unbidden to transforming pedestrian, ordinary existence into pure gold,
without a magician’s tricks or alchemist’s assistance.