• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Ma Lady (Or Prey with Me)

Noctilucent clouds drift across scarry skies
like moonlit moss in phosphorescent fields
of tropical ferns, needle grass & leopard spots

Iridescent praying mantis
lost in abstract thought clings
to chrysanthemum ray flowers
blends into magenta petals,
triangular head turning side to side
compound eyes fixating on Artemis’
moon rocket launch pad viewing
the countdown with 3D acuity
till controllers scrubbed NASA’s mission
& the camouflaged cannibal turned
attention back to feeding, its single
ultrasonic ear listening for bats
while crickets rub legs, honeybees buzz
wings & nightcrawlers burrow holes.

Oblivious to internet bomber, the mantis
returns to primeval forests, prowls in solitude
comforted by shrieking monkeys, raptors & frogs.