• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Lyrical Freedom

What am doing here? How did I get to be living in a world of words?

There wasn’t a lock on the gate when I arrived – which struck me as strange.

I was told I’d have to jump the fence if I ever wanted to gain entry to such a place,

But here I am, enraptured by language which longed for my arrival.

The phrase ‘I can’t put it into words’ has now finally escaped my grasp.

An outpouring of expression feels as if it’s at the tips of my fingers.

I am no longer blind to the vividness of realty’s articulation.
I am no longer stuck in the pits of my muddling mind, which now runs and winds with the freedom of a dream.

No more shadows on the walls, no puppets acting tired and drawn out motions.
A shining new clarity, I am submerged in curiosity.

My eyes are closed but I am awake.