• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 05
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luxury drafts

capture this
we have been levitating, thriving,
pretty much.
transcending mind and matter
trespassing ever such.
we have been tearing, taking, mending
without grace.
full nights with no escape, for some more light
in time and space.

capture what
we were there hungry, thirsty, floating without drops, real shit was airing, no need to fuss.
no day, nor night, completely out of sync, the sweat lay heavy on our skins.
some temperature,
too high to stay unnoticed,
freed up that bouncy feeling, nauseating giggle and the beat
tune in to harmony, don’t be ashamed.


luxury drafts

capture that
pulsating waves
diffusing voices
swallowing sounds
dispersing grounds
we have been taping, waiting, estimating
here and there
places to think of dream on stay in
full stop