• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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There was something more sinister about Awe’s dreams. It was nothing she said, rather how she said it. Her scared croaky voice seemed to pierce through her bold mouth, describing gory details or how a three-eyed monster sat on her chest, purposely causing her harm. Her fighting back was always futile as she never got a chance with this devil looking monster. Once on her chest, her words become choked, not by her hard ball of spit struggling in her mouth and eventually down her throat, but by the demons, internally resisting her from simply being. She tried to scream, only remembering to say “Jesus” but tied tongues and a strand of faithlessness restrict her, so Awe closes her eyes and for the next one minute, under her breath and in her mind, calls the name of her Lord a hundred times, hoping for a miracle that isn't going to come. She told me how disappointed she was, believing that the Lord will come to her aid. Her parents had often screamed into her ears, brainwashing her to call upon the Lord’s name when in danger. Calling on the Lord in times of danger has never helped her case. It didn't come through for her when Suji pressed her face into the pillow, preventing her from screaming while he thrust himself into her. Under her hot, tired breath, she called on Jesus to save her from the hands and grip of this man. When it came to light, her parents' conviction that it was all the Lord’s plan served as a meal of hope, because Awe moved on; forgiving and forgetting that her cousin raped her. Awe’s dreams, more sinister than I’d ever heard is all I know about Awe, and what I suspect might have killed her. You have the wrong person in custody, I did not do this. You should be looking for the three-eyed monster who sat on her chest night after night, holding her in bondage making her unable to breathe.