• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Love seeks Summation

The eyes,
mere furtive glances
In the darkest nights

The movement
slithering secretly
In the canopy of trees

A leopard has stripes
like it's a posterboy
For lost light
Yellow burning bright
against the blacks of
Past life regrets
Taking in everything inside
like a blackhole sucks life

Signs of communication
a laugh tapering away
Into the fields of wisdom
A silence being redeemed
one word at a time
To be a bold ensign
Yet the screens blink bright
all across the night
The overload of a life imbalanced
falling over itself


Love seeks Summation

Till it comes face to face
with beauty
Soul crushing as it is
to find what isn't in oneself
And lost to the forevers
Existing elsewhere
and yet to be thankful
To be in its presence
like a blinded prisoner
Seeks to make sense
of all that's still left.