• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Love For The First Time

Washing machines are running at the same time, but I am alone in launderette. The motors of each machine growl and wash the human shaped objects which are losing their subjects.


In the dryer, the logo of T-shirt is dancing...


In the next dryer, colourful pareo is cooling down the heat source of magma.

It is a hot day today. Shaking at full power to blow away sweat, the black suit himself enters the dryer. He has no face.

― Oh, check for coins and cards in your pocket. Poster on the wall says so.

I urge the black suit to pay attention.

― I have no chicken feed.

From the quiet dryer, he is only bluffing.

― I have appeared in James Bond films. Also I stood on the stage of The Blues Brothers. But I am a suit. It was Sean Connery who was operating Aston Martin DB5s, it was Dan Aykroyd who was playing the harmonica. Understand? A suit without a subject is just a container. Or, cargo. Cargo carrying the brain which is in thought.

In the quiet dryer, he speaks in muted voice.


Love For The First Time

My washing machine rings the electronic sound that the wash has finished. The red colour of the wine spilled on the pajamas still remains. No, this is the colour of my blood. The edge of the paper cut my fingertip last night when I opened the envelope of the letter. ― An envelope is also a container. Or, cargo. ― I murmur. However the thoughts are written in the letter. And the envelope as an object awakens the sense of sharpness on my fingertip.

I remember an ant had been tracing the lines of the letter.

         I meditated on love and reasoned it out.
I realized what is wrong with us.
                  ......... fall in love for the first time.

And what do they fall in love with?


                                Do you know how ? ...........

                                       A tree. A rock. A cloud.

Quoted work:
A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud by Carson McCullers, 1942