• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Love, And Be Silent

Pull me like string,
and willingly wrap me around your fingers.

Let this heartbeat of mine be the music to your breath,
as my kisses cement themselves upon your lips.

Love, and be silent,
let this texture ignite the fire within you.

You are a word that has stagnated through time,
fading into the background through dust and grit.

I stumbled into your trove of misery,
to bring light to a darkness that had been blinding itself for far too long.

Pull me like string,
and willingly love this body you have adored.

I will drown into your lungs,
to give you the air you have longed to grasp with your teeth.

Love, and be silent,
unwinding, unravelling,
pieces of me that belong to the pieces of you.