• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 03
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Lost in Woods

The two hands
rubbed in sly cognition
as the brain that ruled them
planned various schemes of destruction.
The arms stretched on and on and on
to increase their grasp on the world
getting thinner till they ended up looking
like an elastic rope.
The two hands were on a journey of the world,
moving like slithery snakes on the world's slippery slope,
they rubbed on the earths undulating terrains,
passed through the rough mountains and the smooth sea,
until they lost contact with their headquarters,
and the sight was replaced by feelings.
The two hands finally reached far enough
where they no longer required the brain's instruction,
they were two lovers lost in the woods, who only cared about moving
The two hands made a life of their own, until the plastic broke and they
                                                                                        died in unison,
even our corresponding body parts forget each others feel in the cold.