• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

Lost Things Now Found

Strangers came to take away
Memories that find it hard to leave.

Tattered photos, sports memorabilia,
Repurposed boxes, and aluminum cans–

They're selling them. Old stuff.
Stuff my Grandparents lost in the house fire.

Things. Lost Things. Now Found.
The highest bidder gets to keep a family's

Memories at their disposal.
Money answers prayers.

They want to take these things
Off of our hands and make a profit.

Capitalism has a baby sister and her
Name is "Greed".

My father puts his John Hancock
On some papers agreeing to waive all rights.

I stand next to the garage with a box
Of broken frames and black and white photos

Mentally matching them as they once were.
He looks in my direction and smiles.

He walks over to me, gives my shoulder a pat and says,
"It's just like recycling, honey".

I feel my Grandparents breathing down my back.
They never recycled.