• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Lost in Your Eyes

Sometimes when I sleep, my mind turns over
And flips through yellow-stained pages of a past
Full of your beautiful eyes browsing my face.
I feel your stare and the world I found and lost in your eyes,
You were my anchor, my feet, my home in a sea of angst waves.
In my sleep, you are here still, in shaking weak arms,
You are here, your giggles bustling with joy my heart palpitates,
You are here, and it feels like nothing changed, no pain
No bruises to my heart, no sea of tears, no dark canvases,
You are here, and the rainbows are written when our hands interlock,
When I’m on your back, being carried, all is well.

But you are gone, time swallowed you away,
And I lost the world in your eyes, I lost the warmth,
The tenderness of your touch, the world of your love,
I’ve been left a shell of old memories, of distant songs
And echoes of your giggles that still ring in my ears.
I lost you, and I lost the world in your eyes.