• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Lost Identity

When your life steps back
And you search for an identity
You find your dream hanging
Like a creeper from a dead tree.
You try to rejuvenate your dream.
You look at the sky only to find that
The sun is lost behind the gray clouds.
You look for a source of energy to reactivate
Your existence and you stumble upon
The blue sapphire. You try to pick it up
Thinking it will breathe life back into
Your dream. But it turns into charcoal.
You think the charcoal will suck all
The impurities out of your dream
And you put on your corporate attire
To floor the client, who would make your
Life. But as you turn to step out of your
Home you find your dream calling
Out at you, imploring you to reactivate it.
You had an identity … or so you thought
And your dream was a part of it.
Now your dream is as lifeless as the
Tree it hangs from and you are at a loss
As you fail to decide what to do.
To reactivate the dream; uproot the
Dead tree or to reinvent the dream?
With your back on the wall you decide
To redefine your identity. The lost dream
Disappears. The dead tree falls to the ground


Lost Identity

That turns into charcoal and you reemerge
With a faceless face and march into
The gray world in search of a new identity.
You become one among the many
Faceless faces walking ahead of
You, in search of a client, a life, an identity.